How to write a thesis: the structure of the thesis

If you have reached this point in our Secret Guide to the Thesis:

  • you have decided what kind of thesis to do
  • you have chosen the topic
  • you have chosen the speaker
  • you have organized the times

Very well. We will now present you with a standard thesis.


The parts that make up a thesis are:

  • Title
  • Possible dedication
  • Index
  • Abstract (optional)


Central body of the text: it is the “juice of speech”. So theoretical premises, possible presentations of experiences (in the case of experimental theses), critical and original analysis of the experience

  • Conclusions: presentation of results
  • Possible attachments (appendices)
  • Sources, bibliography and websites

Acknowledgments (certainly not mandatory, but welcome and sweet memory for your most loyal followers): at this link we provide some “style” tips on how to make them. The only really important thing is that they are made “from the heart and with the heart”. Don’t make them too long, more than one page becomes boring to read. By the way, here we also have advice on the thanks to the speaker of your thesis!


We recommend that you move in small, well-organized steps, like climbing a mountain. You have to prepare all the material first, think about the goal and put all your desire to reach the top in your backpack.

In the first phase we suggest you proceed in this way:

  1. Think of a title (essentially the theme) that surely won’t be the definitive title but that will allow you to always have in mind the fulcrum of the topic.
  2. Draw up a reasoned index, which obviously will be reworked infinite times but which allows you to put order in the mental process in which you develop your degree thesis. You must proceed logically and your logic must be understandable to others.
  3. Make a note of a reference bibliography to get started and take a look at websites that contain relevant and reliable content relevant to the chosen topic (be careful not to digress). While you are making an idea of ​​the main sources, check that someone has not already addressed the topic you proposed. It would be a pity. Not wanting to be a genius. Sometimes it is enough to simply present the same topic but seen from your perspective.

One last technical tip: create a folder in which to insert all the files of your thesis. Initially we advise you to save separate files for each chapter which will then be merged into a single document only at the end. This will make it easier for you to make changes to the document.

We hope this post helped you!