How to write a thesis: method and organization

Writing a thesis is a real job that involves method and organization.

Thanks to these two qualities, you can really get anywhere.

Getting organized means:

  • establish precise working hours
  • setting deadlines
  • respect scheduled times and deadlines

Everything must be done with order, this is how the best results are achieved. And the thesis is first of all the development of its own working method.

By the way, here are some important tips:

Critically develop your thesis project

It is (probably) your first personal academic project: you will need to develop initiative and organizational skills that will also be useful in your professional future.


Collect reference materials precisely, do not wait for the last minute. Write as your work evolves, don’t wait for the last few weeks.

Don’t expect the speaker to correct your work instantly

Don’t wait for the cue from the teacher: propose ideas, alternatives, rehearse, be independent (and always keep the supervisor informed). If you need a chat with the speaker and he can’t give you an appointment for the next day, and maybe you have to wait a week, don’t wait and do nothing. But don’t get lost: always work with a goal in mind.

Don’t fall into the error that the speaker has the role of guiding you step by step.

He’ll probably have already “fixed” your initial idea, and that’s fine. Don’t despair, it’s natural. In itinere you will often have to adjust the pitch. But don’t let your guard down and rely on things that he should do in your mind. You can only govern what you do, not what others do.

Keep an eye on the times

Probably you have arrived at the thesis after the last exams. Times are very important for doing a good job. It could also mean having to spend whole days and give up some fun activities: sacrifice is part of glory! Consider that to make a good thesis work there are those who leave a year earlier, some even 2. Maybe you can do it in less time, but surely it won’t be a good job if done in 2 weeks. Then everything is possible, depending on what you want to achieve.

Pay attention to the length

In most cases there are no fixed indications on the total number of pages, but for a three-year term paper most of the time it is around 50 pages, while for a specialized or master thesis it is around 100 pages. In general, however, and especially for master’s and doctoral theses forgotten the number of pages: work without thinking of a standard, give it your all and it will be fine. The number of pages is relative.

We hope these suggestions have been useful to you.